A  fire damaged wall that needs brick replacement. If your walls look like this, we can repair them.
Brick Replacement and Plugging Procedures

Introduction- Spawled or cracked brick can severely detract from the visual as

well as the structural integrity of your building or home!

Step 1- Brick Replacement

Brick replacement is an art by itself when considering replacing damaged brick in

a wall, ornamental borders, tight joint home fronts and other decorative masonry. 

It takes a keen sensed mason to perform these tasks and end up with satisfactory


  The end result is affected even more before one brick is even laid.  Unsatisfactory

brick matches are all too common in the St. Louis region, drive around the city

and look at old buildings and you will see what is being talked about here. 

  Matching brick on older homes and buildings can be a chore.  If the brick cannot

be found at a local brick yard and are no longer made, the only option is to find

used brick that are a close match to the original.  This can take many trips and

phone calls to used brick dealers to find a satisfactory match.  Taking the time to

find these matches can make the difference between a tolerable brick match or an

exceptional brick match which we take great care and pride when doing so.

The backround picture is a fire damaged wall that needs brick replacement.